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                                                         Hi ya'll! 


My name is Morgan Andrews and I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. 

I am a dancer, singer, actor, director, and choreographer

I am a graduate from Oklahoma City University and have a Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts with a focus in Dance Performance. 

I have experience as a  solo dancer and artist for AIDA Cruise Lines and been a performer in several musical workshops in New York City. I continue to create films for dance and choreograph start up projects/musicals when I am not training. 


My mission as an artist is to create art that accentuates the beauty of individuality through movement. I strongly believe in a body positive industry that celebrates all shapes and forms of dancers. I tell stories through my quality of movement, raw expression, and creating an authentic connection with the audience. Dance is an art form with endless possibilities that can inspire communities and tell stories in new, innovative  ways. 

When I am not performing, you can find me at the movie theater diving into the magic of films. Movies have inspired me since I was a child and have challenged me to see the world through a different lens. I am a proud cat mother, sister, and fitness enthusiast

I am an extremely enthusiastic person and bring positivity to every project I am a part of. My passion drives my creativity in every aspect and I hope to leave a mark wherever I go.  


Whether you need a choreographer for an upcoming dance competition, musical, or production number- I have the drive and authenticity to make it happen. 

Thank you for spending time on my page and if you have any questions, please reach out! 

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